Why Preaching Alone Can't Change Your Church

"Some of us are so good at talking about stuff that we think we have done it." 


In this webinar, Tod Bolsinger, the author Canoeing the Mountains, and Tempered Resilience, will take us through the research and experience that has led him to become a trusted consultant to churches, non-profits, and mission agencies around the country. 


Together we will explore: 

- How the assumption of the past was that speaking WAS leadership and now speaking SERVES leadership. 

- How good preaching increases the trust that is needed for transformation. 

- And even more specifically for church changing leaders, how preaching is the key technical skill that brings credibility for adaptive change. It's not the change, but you can't bring change without it. 


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Thurs., September 16 at 12:00pm CDT



Executive Director for the Church Leadership Institute at the De Pree Center for Leadership at Fuller Seminary and associate professor of Leadership Formation.


    Over twenty-five years of ministry, he's served as a church planter, teaching pastor, and lead pastor within local churches in the Detroit and Grand Rapids areas.

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